Saturday, September 18, 2004


Ah well...all good things come to an end. So it is today that I have been sleeping more than I have been concious.
Hubby thinks it is the anemia kicking into high gear again.
I am sure I will hear an earful about all this on Tuesday when I have my next rheumy appointment.
In the meantime...I am might tired and I am going back to bed.


klconard1 said...

(((((((((((Loretta dear)))))))))))  Oh I am sorry.  Do let us know what the doc says about this.
loving you

thebaabee said...

Oh Sweetie,
I can sympathize with this...... Be sure to tell your rheumi about this.  In the meantime, rest, rest, rest.  Love ya....Lu

lrttklly said...

Thanks, Lu.
I slept for over 14 hours yesterday and now my ears are leaking, Mabel the migraine monster is back...feh. Rheumy know I have leukopenia (low WBC, but I don't think he is treating it? Ah...well. I really shouldn't complain, Jerry has been a big help this weekend and Little Bear is just so happy to have the weekend off that he is on his very best behaviot. :) (((((HUGS))))) Loretta

lrttklly said...

Thanks so much, Karyl! I could feel that hug all the way over here. Sending Hydrox wishes to you. :) (((((HUGS))))) Loretta

derasta said...

That's good to get plenty of rest...I have those days myself when I just need to sleep more...hope all is well...