Thursday, October 14, 2004

Taking the Day Off

       Guess what?
       It is still LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH!
         But... you wanna know what?
         I need a day off.
         Tired of lupus today (not that I ever have enjoyed
        I am having trouble tolerating my medications again. Lots of nausea and stomach troubles with insomnia.
      So I took a break today. Spent most of the day in bed.
      Finally stored up enough spoons to walk out into the cool crisp autumn air, And that was perfect.
        And I was able to forget for 20 minutes that I have lupus. I want to stretch that out some more.
      So Good-night everyone!
       I am off to relax and forget about lupus for the rest of the night.


klconard1 said...

Loretta dear, I am giving you the day off and tomorrow too if you want it, lol!  ((((((((Loretta)))))))) some hugs and prayers coming your way for the meds to be working like crazy for you and be less troublesome in their side effects.
loving you

wsm311 said...

Yup....I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I know how you feel ;-)

I slept until noon today. It was great ;-p  I try to keep several interests and projects going all the time.....from mindless to intricate, depending on my brain and energy levels.

I hope you rest, relax and rejuvenate!