Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lupus Awareness Month: My Story

Welcome to May.

And welcome to Lupus Awareness Month.

Are you aware?

I sure am. I can't help myself.

Lupus forcibly moved in on my life seven years ago.

I have raged, cringed, pleaded, complained, cried, ranted, and raved.

I have grieved.

I grieved hard...

real hard when lupus took control.

And I have been fighting to get the reins of control back on my side.

What I never expected with lupus is the crash and burn effect this disease has had on my optimism.

I never saw that one coming.

I was the can do girl.
The what's next... the rose colored glasses, if I work hard enough this shall be overcome type of gal.

She fell into a deep coma after five long years of treatment... of symptoms.


There is no cure for lupus.

And after fifty years (when anti malarials were found to slow down the progression of lupus)... there has not be ONE SINGLE MEDICATION THAT IS ACTUALLY USED TO COMBAT LUPUS.

We are the patients at the long end of the parade sweeping up behind the victory from research for other diseases.

That's a good thing...

but, it has not been enough.

So where to start?

Well, for myself... I am jumping off the life is a stinker train and getting back to educating folks about lupus.

If you have lupus or know someone with lupus check out this terrific tutorial to getting started on your own lupus awareness journey:



UPDATE: May 1, 2011

Since this entry was written a new medication has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of lupus! LEARN MORE: Benlysta

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