Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Crow's Feet and Other Cursed Personality Revelations and Migraines

Mabel the Migraine monster is now on Day #11...so who's counting?
I called the doctor yesterday. Actually I called two. My rheumy's Nurse Practitioner never called back, so I called the PCP.... they recommended SUDAFED. 
anything to avoid a trip to the ER.
So now I am full of SUDAFED plus all my regular meds and still having ice picks whamming into my skull.
Here is a small itty-bitty ALERT to my medical team...
I HAVE LUPUS!!!!!!!!
Lupus sufferers get LUPUS headaches.
Can you tell that the pain is making me a wee bit CRANKY? (she asks while chewing the ceramic handle off of her coffee mug).
So, if you have read this far you are certainly a patient soul, because even I am sick of listening to myself complain.
More doctor running today...
face it...
11 consecutive days of migraine level pain is not a good thing (in the words of Martha Stewart).
In the meantime, while I am sitting here being miserable and really having nothing of much value to say... may I offer you all some alternative journal programming?

Her you go:

(tada...throw some confetti around will ya?)

Here's today's little nugget of magazine wisdom:


What Is Your Animal Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, boy!
I am a crow.
Hmmm...yep...a CROW.
My least favorite bird in the wild world of critters.
Harbingers of bad luck...noisy squawking crop eating cacklers.
Yep...this is just so not turning out to be a good day.
All I can say is, "Caw."
Somebody throw me some bird seed.
Here's an idea, I would love it if any of you feel so moved to share your results. You can leave a comment or better yet throw in a link in the comments section to your journal.
Maybe some of you readers will get lucky and be something really cool like an otter. Otters are cool...
Not crows.
Certainly not crows.
I think it is time for my meds now.


mzgoochi said...

Hope the headache goes away today.
Thanks for the quiz, I'll let ya know what I am later.
God Bless

PS. Poor Martha, she looks like she's aged 10 years. Did you see her on the welcome screen this morning? She's off to jail by friday.

mzgoochi said...

Ok, took the Quiz, by the way, I love these things. I'm a Cougar!

thebaabee said...

Oh Sweetie,
I'm so sorry Mabel is still around.  I'm more sorry that your doctors are being uncoperative.  I just hate that.  Just when you think they understand you......... they flip you out.  Call if you need to chat...... By the way I am a Horse...... Love you Lu

klconard1 said...

Loretta sweetie, I hate the Migraine Mobster is still sitting on you!  And I am so glad you are still keeping your sense of humor despite this.
I will hold off on flying in with the hydrox IV, lol!
loving you

matkaja said...

I am a bear.. I am also sorry to hear about day 11 of Mabel the migraine Monster.  Did I tell you how much I love Topamax?

glopsblink said...

I couldn't take it cause the site is temporarily down, but I took one about what animal would I be. Here's the result, although I think it's a bit off: http://live.quizilla.com/user_images/1033403727_uradolphin.gif

Anyway, interesting journal, just found it. Blessings. :D