Thursday, September 30, 2004


News alert on AOL today that VIOXX is being removed from the market.

Here is the news link:

If you are being prescribed Vioxx you should contact your doctor promptly.
Just a personal note regarding this medication: I was only able to stay on Vioxx for a few days. I started to swell up and I also had increased bruising.
I am so sorry for those of you who have found Vioxx to be a helpful medication. I will be hoping that your doctors can find a suitable replacement that will help you.

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thebaabee said...

I just read this news on my AOL welcome screen.  My rheumi prescribed Celebrex and my pharmacy coverage wouldn't pay for it.  They wanted me to use VIOXX.  Can you believe it?  I should call them up.  They needed the doc to call and precertify the Celebrex.  The reason he didn't prescribe VIOXX was my history of stroke and the risk of it on VIOXX.  I wonder what they will say now when he prescribes it.  I'm gonna try it again.  Love Lu