Sunday, September 12, 2004

Time Capsule

If I were to create a time capsule that would be opened in some unknown future time I would take into consideration what the future person will need to explore the preserved past in that capsule.

Five items I would place into a time capsule:

1. I would want to greet this future visitor with a warm welcome so I would include:
A bottle full of my son's laughter

2. Of course, being totally 100% human...I would want to leave something of myself behind so I would include:
This journal

3. Assuming that anyone from the future may actually care to read this tiny footprint in the sand of a to have something to munch on so I would throw in:
A package of vacuum packed Oreos

4. Now placing all frivolity aside...I would add
A warning: Santayana's Law "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

5. And finally I would place tearfully in that capsule:
The headline news of September 11,2004.
I would place the headlines in there with a hope and a prayer that our future will learn the mistakes of our past. That violence breeds violence, that no one ever wins a war, that perpetuating murder does not dignify the death of those you love, that leaders are only human and they too can be just as traumatized as we all have been by the day America's world broke, that it is not our job to do God's job, that the price is blood when we decide to be judge to all while avoiding the introspection necessary to take on such an all consuming task.


sdoscher458 said...

I like your comments...hope we learn so the future survives...Sandi

lrttklly said...

Thank you for reading, Sandi.
I am concerned about our future too. Having a small child really changes my perspective.