Thursday, October 7, 2004


 I am feeling happy today. 

     The autumn weather is taking hold here and we get some of the most beautiful foliage during this season. I have been sneaking outside early in the morning with Little Bear before the sun gets intense. I soak up the fresh air and shiver and watch Bear draw pictures on our car with the morning dew.

      And that makes me happy.

     Working on plans to make Bear’s Halloween costume. He wants to be a pumpkin. My friend, Ellen, sent some incredible cheap and cheerful ideas for making a super-duper deluxe costume.

    Ellen is a very talented artist, so her design ideas are really unique. I bet Bear is going to be thrilled when we start working on this in the next week or so.

    I did not forget LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH… by the way. ;)
    Here is another feature journal. Today let me introduce Mariann and her journal:


    Mariann is quite ill right now, so she does not submit entries regularly. She is struggling with lupus, and moany other health complications. She was just diagnosed a few days ago with diabetes.

   For those of you who are wheelchairbound and fighting an uphill battle with health crises … I think you will find Mariann’s journal very interesting.

    LuAnne is home again from the hospital! YEAH!

    Please keep Mariann in your prayers as she learns to cope with this recent health setback. And, as always, keep my pal, Ellen in your prayers, as she continues to battle the cancer.

    Have a Blessed day, Everyone.

Postscript October 2011: Unfortunately AOL deleted all of its blogs (then called journals) after transferring writers to Blogger. Unfortunately,  a wealth of links to other lupus patients was lost in the process.

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sharkie412 said...

Thats a done deal...I will definitely go to visit Mariann's journal. Very pleased to see you've been out to enjoy the change in seasons.