Monday, October 4, 2004

A Brief Update

Just wanted to share with those of you who have been visiting regularly that we transferred Little Bear to a small Catholic school in our neighborhood.

He started Catholic school this morning, and we feel very happy about this. There are other adoptees in his new class, and children who look like him. Bear seemed to fit right in. His new teacher is a musician and sings a lot...he'll love that. 

Health status:
 I have had three weeks plus now of migraine headaches. 
After we get Bear settled in with the new school, I will be making an appointment to be re-evaluated by my neurologist. Hopefully, the pain is just from the stress from routine changes at home and constant changes in the weather.
I continue on Imuran at the lowest dose. I have not built up enough tolerance to this treatment to up the dose. I have to go to the rheumy every 8 weeks.
Please continue praying that this treatment will knock me into full remission. Please let me know if any of you need special prayers. I will gladly add you to my prayer list.
I continue to fight fatigue which for many people with lupus can be one of the most disabling symptoms. Fatigue runs much deeper than something that can be "fixed" with enough sleep. Fatigue interferes with every corner of daily living and thought processes.

PRAYERS NEEDED: My friend E. is going through a terrible time right now. Her body has started rejecting the chemo. Please say prayers for her. Here is a link to E's blog: cancergrrl


klconard1 said...

Loretta dear, I read the linked entries you wrote about your dear friend.  I especially could identify with your realization that what you needed and what she needed-- at the exact same moment in time-- were different.
And you chose to step back and choose for her needs rather than yours.  That is a part of pure love-- choosing what is best for your dear one rather than yourself.
Re your treatment, I am praying for remission.  Also for your dear friend.
Loving you

ldysigh said...

You're awesome, woman - fight the good fight.  
I'm not very good at explaining to my friends and family about the ravages of lupus or even what the disease is, and I use your journal as a reference point often.  Consider, perhaps, a book? - Davida

lrttklly said...

Hi Davida!
    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    I have considered writing a book. Actually, several.
    I am praying on this right now, and trying to discern what God would have me do.
    Have a Blessed day, Davida.
    I am going to try to stop by and visit your journal this weekend. I am looking forward to that.