Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Karyl's Glimpses

Good morning, everyone and WELCOME TO DAY #5 of LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH!!!
Copious Horn Tooting!
It is freezing cold here at the Cozy Cottage this morning...so I am dancing around tooting horns, jumping up and down, and clapping my hands to bring the circulation back.
You thought all that Hooraying Yippee stuff was for Lupus Awareness Month?
No, man....I AM COLD!!!!!!
Today I want to introduce a new journal just started by my dear friend and mentor, Karyl.
Please stop by today and take a look. Karyl has kindly decided to share her essays and challenges with living with autoimmune disease.
I hope by now you are learning that the face of lupus is just as unique as each individual. When you begin to know people's hearts and minds, you begin to learn that lupus is not a label for a disease. Lupus is a mountain that each of us has to climb. A mountain not of our choosing.
The greatest gift that lupus has given me are the friendships that have blossomed from people who heard my call in my time of need.
As I enter into this second year of living with lupus, I pray every day for God to give me the grace to hear others calls and respond in kind... to give back seven-fold all the precious compassion that has been given to me.

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