Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Project Pumpkin

Not doing very good at all today... so this is a lupus quickie entry.
Been spending more and more time in bed due to really bad fatigue. Pain is going off the Reichter scale this morning. Low grade fever, infected toe and mouth ulcers. 
My stomach has jumped ship... I have been living on toast and froot loops for the past three days.
It's probably time to call the doctor, but here's the rub...
I get WORSE just for having to go in for an office visit.
First of all, I am too sick to tolerate the car ride. Then I have to sit in a flourescent lit waiting room and then treatment room. (Flourescents make me ill). PLUS I will be sitting around with other folks who are sick... remember my immune system is suppressed from the Imuran. 
Then there is the poking and prodding, speculating, and finally blaming whatever on the lupus...
 and sending me off with a prescription for yet another new chemical to dump into this tired body.

 now that I am done ranting...
My BIG GOAL today is to start on Little Bear's Halloween costume. I have to say that I am sooo relieved that little guy wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween.
He LOVES pumpkins...
 we have four of various sizes parked on our dining room table right now. Can't have too many pumpkins.
Little Bear has named all of the pumpkins. They are a family and now they "eat" meals with us.
I don't have the heart to carve them up.
I can still recall when Bear was a toddler... 
I was making Iron Chef dolls for him (Food Network cooking show). 
I designed the dolls myself and was sewing them using plastic canvas. Well, I made the mistake of letting Little Bear see me sewing together the feet of one doll. He got so upset he grabbed the doll away from me. He thought I was giving the doll a boo-boo toe by sewing the edges around the feet. The doll is still unfinished to this day.
Yes, my kid is sensitive that way... 
I love that about him.
So, as you can see pumpkin carving is probably really out of the question. It would be like carving up my kid's favorite doll... 
he is so attached to these pumpkins.
I am speculating how we are going to help him deal with the fact that they will decay?
Interesting lesson ahead for us all.
In the meantime....
 I am going to rest for a while and hope that the pain medication cuts me a window of opportunity to start on that costume.


tdain2003 said...

((((Loretta))))  I'm sorry you are feeling crummy today.  I hope you can get enough rest and the pain meds kick in so you can work on Little Bear's costume.  I'll be curious to see how you deal with the decaying pumpkins... mine never paid much attention to them after Halloween so I didn't have to deal with that particular problem.  : )  Hope you feel better!

mccine said...

Girl, make sure you check in with the Doc. I have been reading your journal for a while now. One thing I know for sure about autoimmune illnesses is always something. (you know it too). I was dx w/ went to w/ other words....take care of your self.
The last time I felt a lil " I am tired and weak ,just need a little rest", sick I racked up 2 hospitalizations....because of an infection....I got during a pedicure...that I got when I was trying to make myself feel better. ( The manicurist nicked me)

Please follow up with the Dr. Sorry to introduce myself in this nagging, pesty,manner....but I had to say something.


lrttklly said... you are not!
Unfortunately you are quite right. I will give a call this afternoon.
Thanks for the kick in the behind!

thebaabee said...

Call the doctor.  (Look who is calling the kettle black!!) But really Loretta, you should.  Just for the infected toe alone.  How did that happen anyway? One more suggestion...... send Jerry to get a ready made pumpkin costume for Little Bear.  Dear Friend..... I can't imagine sewing a napking right now...... let alone an entire costume.  You are no good to him if you continue to flare and the effort alone will make your flare worse.  Love you Lu

klconard1 said...

Loretta dear, what are the pumpkins' names?????  That is important info.
Dear friend, I am hoping by now you have called the doc and gotten some meds to get started on for the toe.
Have you got some of those little masks to wear when around people so you are not breathing in their germs?
loving you

wsm311 said...

I hope you feel better soon. Today is my first without prednisone and I can hardly lift my feet to walk. I'm taking it every other day now. When it comes to fatigue, I can TOTALLY relate! My doc turns off the fluorescents if I forget. I turn some real interesting colors when under them. Even though I wish there were nothing wrong with you, I appreciate your honest posts. Misery likes company and there's a comfort in knowing it's not just me. Let's BOTH get better ASAP! ;-)