Thursday, October 28, 2004

War and Peace

     Resting up today and waiting to go  say "Hiya!" to my doctor a bit later.
      While I am sitting here "resting" I decided to watch War and Peace on cable. This should be an interesting study in miscasting very talented actors. Henry Fonda with his broad flat American accent is playing a French guy named "Pierre"...hmmmmm. 
He surprisingly is very George Clooney-esque with his hair brushed ala Caesar and his young man handsome looks.
       Beautiful Audrey Hepburn is bouncing around in a yellow frock too big for her thin frame, a short haired ponytail completely out of style with the period of history this story is supposed to be in...
      and.... I have a feeling this will degenerate from there.
      Oh well.... this should be interesting....
    Oh goody... they are having a Russian dance scene...


sharkie412 said...

I'll more than likely be watching movies myself. Its one of those strong rainy days. First I have to go get some movies car is parked pretty far from the door. Help me. LOL

sbrlz said...

Hey Loretta~

I have never watched "War and Peace" but I did read the book in college. When I read something I develop such an image of what is going on and what the people and places look like that I find it difficult to watch the movie then because I'm always disappointed. I hope you get to see the end though, it's never fun to start a movie not to see all of it.

Love and hugs~~~~~~~~~~~~~ susan : )

wymargsd2 said...

I was wondering if i could ask for some assistance.  My cousins 4 yr old baby boy has been diagnosed resently with Lupus and he also has I.T.P.  He has blood clots in his little groin/thigh area and the list goes on.  They live in FL and this poor sweet little boy is in so much pain he just screams out and its just gut wrenching what my cousins are going through :(

Does anyone know of any support groups for my cousin to help get through this?  I don't know exactly what they are doing to treat this sweet child but I wish someone can offer them some direction... he is getting worse and worse  :(

If you can email me that would be great

Thank you