Thursday, October 28, 2004

WAR and PEACE ....hmmm it is a rather loooong flick...

    Sooo... WAR and PEACE is a rather looooong movie. Three hours long. So I can't blow the plot for you... because I didn't get to watch all of it.

     Deep into the movie, I get a phone call from one of my sisters... she wanted to stop in for a quick visit. She shows up with a huge carved pumpkin made by another one of my sisters and herself!!!
     Yeah! Now we can spare Little Bear's pumpkin family from the knife.

     (SEE PHOTO ABOVE: The wolf carved pumpkin is by Joan and Peg, and then there is Bear's pumpkin family: Daddy Pumpkin, Mommy Pumpkin, Baby Pumpkin, and Rosie the Pumpkin)
     So we chitterchattered for a bit. And so no more War and Peace.
     Went to see the doctor... 
actually I saw one of his PA's... 
my doctor is in the Reserves.
      Toe infection will be okie-dokie, but I will have to have some tests for gastroenterologial junk.
     Finished Little Bear's Pumpkin costume, and that's it for today.

  Unfortunately, when AOL transferred this journal to Blogger, all of the terrific photos were deleted. :(


sbrlz said...

I'm glad that you don't have to carve up Little Bear's pumpkins! Jimmy actually offered to paint ours instead of carving them, it was sweet of him and I think what we're going to end up doing.

Love and hugs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~susan

klconard1 said...

Loretta dear, the pumpkins are so cute, lol!  I like Little Bear's family.  We used to do our pumpkins with black markers sometimes.
loving you