Thursday, October 28, 2004

WAR and PEACE part 2

     Okay... I am about 40 minutes into this flick and FINALLY someone actually is "doing" a Russian accent.
     I feel like I am watching a study in monotones. You know a bunch of actors playing "being serious" as they act out a significant piece of literature.
     Poor Henry Fonda is so constricted in this role that he might as well be wearing a straight jacket.
    Audrey Hepburn bounces in for another scene, and the pace picks up significantly only to be dragged down again by the battle scene.
    Yes... the battle scene... where the "good guys" slowly march in front of the enemy line and drop without fighting back... well... at least that is how it looks.
     Yes, well.... back to the movie.
     Time for a coffee refill.... this movie can' t get worse... can it?


leesadoc said...

hi there, i am new to this..and just diagnosed with loopy lupus in april..not having a very good time accepting it either...someone has led me to this link from craigs list of all places..i put out an ad looking for books on lupus and they told me of this i suppose to sign up or something? well, we'll see wont we??? anyways, just trying to meet some people with lupus is all..thanks..

lrttklly said...

Hi Leesa!
   There is no need to sign! My lupus journal is free and easily accessible for anyone with AOL. The link is above... save that in your favorite places. When you are visiting my journal you can click the ALERTS button on the upper right hand side. You will receive an e-mail notice anytime I add a new entry.
    I am so very sorry that you have been diagnosed with lupus. I can understand your difficulty in accepting this... I went through the same thing and still often like to "pretend" that I do not have lupus... never a good idea, unfortunately.

   I will put in a link to AOL's online Lupus Support Message Board and Chat Room in the next journal entry.

    I have found these sites to be an  an opportunity to meet a lot of great people online who also have lupus. I visit there pretty regularly and the support I have received really made all the difference in coping with the first year after diagnosis.

   You may also consider finding the local chapter of the Lupus Foundation if you would like to meet people with lupus in person.

   So welcome to visiting Life with Lupus and maybe we will get to meet on the Lupus Message Board.

    You will be in my daily prayers.